St James Leadership Program

This program is a group leadership facilitated by the staff at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Thunder Bay in the classrooms. The focus is to help students to develop leadership skills and self-esteem in a respectful, diversified environment. These high-energy leadership workshops will offer students an opportunity to experience leadership training through hands on team building activities with lasting effects. 

Dave has numerous years of Leadership Training and proves to be very enthusiastic while teaching others. 

Program Topics 

  •  Effective Communication  
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Team Building 
  • Anti-Bullying 
  • Character Education
  • Peer Leadership
  • Fair Play
  • Healthy Living 

Through the course of the sessions, the students will have an opportunity to learn from each other while taking part in fun activities with "Hidden Learning". Hidden learning means just that, the students will participate in a guided learning activity. Throughout the activity they will experience and internalize the lesson. Each activity finishes with a debrief where the youth share their hidden learning experiences with each other. 

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