Opportunity Changes Everything

Published November 02, 2020 15:48

Opportunity Changes everything

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated and exposed serious systemic issues, from racism and other forms of discrimination to inequity and the far-reaching effects of poverty. Research shows that children who face racism are more likely to be victims of poverty and abuse, have more interactions with child welfare and the justice system, and experience challenges at school. Our new campaign juxtaposes these systemic issues with the systemic solutions that Boys & Girls Clubs across the country offer—equity, acceptance, support, opportunity.

“The core values of Boys & Girls Clubs—Belonging, Respect, Encouragement and Support, Working Together, Speaking Out—are built around inclusion and we are proud of the work we do,” says Owen Charters, President & CEO, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. “Our new Systemic Opportunity campaign encapsulates the driving force behind Boys and Girls Clubs with a simple statement: opportunity changes everything. Whether it’s homework help or a homeless shelter, a quick snack after school or the only meal of the day, a high five or a 1-to-1 mental health check-in, our Clubs offer everything a young person needs, including access to opportunities they might not find outside our walls—but could change their life.”

The campaign was developed in close collaboration with Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada’s strategic and creative agency ROUND, along with the creative team of Tim Das and Sean Davison, and ROUND’s production partners Makers, School Editing, and Grayson Music.

“Boys & Girls Clubs do so much and we needed more people to understand the significant difference they make in the lives of hundreds of thousands of kids across the country. There’s no denying the power of the word ‘Systemic’. But these days, systemic is always followed up by a negative word like ‘Racism’, ‘Poverty’ or ‘Inequity’. Systemic problems require systemic change. That’s how we landed on Systemic Opportunity. Because investing in kids and youth is how we can all work to fix many of the systemic issues in our society today,” said ROUND Founding Partner & Creative Director, Paul Riss.

The campaign is not just a clever play on words. For over a century, Boys and Girls Clubs have removed barriers and created opportunities for all young people, of all backgrounds. We see firsthand the effects of systemic problems—and we know that the solution is investing in young people, in communities, in platforms that give young people a voice. We know the solution is systemic.

We are also proud to welcome beloved Canadian icon Jully Black as spokesperson for our new campaign and strong supporter of Boys & Girls Clubs.

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