Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Why volunteer with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Thunder Bay?

What's in it for you? 

  • Making a difference in the lives of children & youth we serve is a self serving experience. 
  • Gain valuable experience working with youth between the ages of 4 - 18 years of age. 
  • Gain teaching experience through our "Tutoring", "Homework Help" and "Readers are Leaders" programs.
  • Meet new people who also have a love of children.
  • Get active and learn new games.
  • Build on your resume.
  • Flexibility - We have many different programs that provide volunteers with a wide variety of opportunities. 

What type of programs can I volunteer in? 

  • Breakfast Club (8 sites in the City) 
  • Bingos (CLE Coliseum) 
  • Driving for Outings (Class F required) 
  • Outreach Program (Recreation & Crafts) 
  • Windsor Unit (a variety of opportunities) 
  • Vale Unit (a variety of opportunities)

Can I get my Community hours for High School at the Club? 

Yes, we love to give high school students opportunities to get their hours for high school. We also encourage you to be a part of Leadership Programs that we offer.  

How do I go about volunteering? 

Fill out the volunteer application form!

YOUTH Volunteer Application

ADULT Volunteer Application (living in City of Thunder Bay)

ADULT Volunteer Application (living OUTSIDE City limits)

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